Evolution Tough

Likes siges, and regenerates Loves Entities – that’s a case-less for Hope ?


my personal contribiution

Third and last step – poems writting – Didaxis of Poetries-End, making-off

Nige and gints for lovers Love’s arrival, –

simple in its Nature

– tough enough, to reply Aims and less Polits,

an Ile,

of happy Genders, –

beauties of the Nature.

Near in my Thoughts, tough – ingognito in its Eve

rejoys unexpected-ness,

as undeceivable similars.

Fertile ideems of diffrences, – or voices of uncomplete complyings.
Pondering, – thriving lively. Allert for a concept of incolume Immunity. 
Siege of reasons’ cognition, jointly multiplying dozing arrivals. 
Allusions of Elements complying, resorcing and ambishing an entanglement form similar Symbiots, – for Sferes of dissimilative incolume immune Freedom

Entirely linving, for a natural Entiropics’-like – Lovers Life. 

Generating Environments of dynamic Sferes, for Natures Orbits.

For a relieving breeze of fresh whistling Leafes’-Wind. Light-handed and -footed, as – leaft behind in the World you inhabit.


Didaxis of Poetries-End, making-off, – second step, inspired writting

Love – no hopless case ?

There goes Life and living as a verse of our ways, or as a way for lovers Love’s arrival

in my natural manner I’m verry simple

—  expressing words, genious, discoveries and inventions as an impartial mesure, which are although never going to be enough to reply my Love for you. I’m standing in the rain whenever I think about you, bare flawless and nude — a happy and aimless soul.

All those silicious grounds, re-bear Birds beauties as Natures’ natural sons and daughters.

Near in my Thoughts, though – still fare away, well-reknowldgly staying in Life, an ingognito in that Big City of yours.

The attention I imply, is as well the unexpecten reward – I earn from you.
Undeceivabel Similars, as they are though so fertile in theire diffrences.

A Sound’s hall of your Voice, is still charming my ears, as a Birds Song, moving my body, mind and soul
– even as an aimless siege, fore-keeping those rehalling invitations of yours, understaten by Lifes’ enhancing – of your continuous absencies.
As for the result, of – Natures Genders of reason, jointly enouncing the Distance that separes us.
My senses are thriving lively, and my Immune System is allert – on that silicious earth of ours, no place is a space of Resistancy – without your Incolumity.  

The memory of you, remains an inalienability of Indipendent Nature.
There, in your elements of Cosmo-metropolitan Civilisation, your similar to a Mirage’s Dissimilation.
Lingered and aknowldged by me – here and there, as a livly colorful simbioticly resourcing vision of my deserted’s Days by days on-going.

I keep-on walking sober, although your eluding-apparence goes-on lynfing my Thoughts.

You traced your path-way, there where my reason wants to articulate and perceive a Message, of the Etern-Living.

Never the same, and though always in attent to feel the pleasure of cognishion, – the freedom of recognishion relieving the Breeze of fresh whistling Leafes’-Wind, left behind you.


Didaxis of Poetries-End, making-off, – first step

Reading of the Originale Poem

By SamanthaBrunellaMedugno

I came from Switzerland Zürich where I was born in December 1975 and I have been living now for over twelve years in Italy between Rome Avellino/Mecogliano and Foggia, Bari and so on !! I planed to leave Italy in January 2016 to be going to Asia for an Volonteerin/Asylum and International Persons Protection Plan and Project, and returned to Italy in September of the same year after having spoken to the UNHCR Officers in the Headquartes of the UNHCR in Jakarta Indonesia , THx' - I am still asking as well as seaking the International Protection for Fisical Persons on behalf of the regular procedural introduction and step-on from the National Italian Authorities, up to the Continental European Authorities, with my best regards from Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous called Miss Samantha B. Medugno on todays day the Friday tenth / 10th April 2020(a) Mercogliano Avellino from the an hill-sided small City Village Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino in Italy.

One reply on “Likes siges, and regenerates Loves Entities – that’s a case-less for Hope ?”

Didaxis of Potries – End , macking-off, forth step,

– comment the own Posts-Poem by a gravel-craver

No dazzled loathing-Love

Sight, ah Love’s arrival
sassy – such ideems’ Ile
fills gint and niges, –
as Lifes mate chuggers ?
– Aims polits, or Natures’ eaggers.

Eves notes detaches -,                  
as similar, wirls-no-wracks
for absencies – rove,                        
and smooth, enjoys and rives,
as senecencies resignes,            
– Life’s casualities surprises,
flews’ guess arise,                         
reknowldgly spaces of others,      
eventually conceiving, mutters –        

Places, spaces and sfers – in times Orbits
as to stay lay in Natures’ Entiorpies,
i.g. transposing incolume immune, Freedoms’ safeguard.

Sane, evalues parallels for much more self-advising Love,
and moving along, tracing a Loves-Line by extend of Eves,  
the Light joyful discognishes the unreasonable, as to retain the wise.

And the fresh Leafes’-Wind high-lights the Worlds-Love Trans-Migrants.  


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