Parrallel Responding Tough

Alone is an Illusion, – or Incognito a Fact

Feazen is just, somebodies state of Minde

Moving a Circumscription farther down the same City Street makes all the diffrence, – the Town references change and in my sleep I turn a-round to some spare ambiental dimensional Reviews.

I just like spare rooms and spaces, – by Nature there are just so many turn-arounds to it, that I couldn’t possibly and not even by any latent concession, get enough of them.

Some of my subneiging Ambiental reviews of the surrounding Terrestrial Dimensions from my new Home and habitation in the City, were by myself just keapt at open, astonishingly enough – even to the quaint aknowledgement from any Staggerer. – Who could, by case just have had one of those sweated hang-on’s as well as some further pondering about one of theire famous on-setted triagulated Stocking-Frames, by which they were claming-on to Peoples unminded and rejuvenating cozy, homy gaze-arounds.

And tough, despite it – I never got a pin on me, as I just never haden’t been able to get enough of that Ambiental cozy leave and gaze around.

A debutant Staggerer could get trapped by the botters of the natural peal-off effect from his own clamed grips of Stocking Activities, on behalf of which cause he, – the Staggerer just might skew or graft himself-off as to surprisingly and subsequently gag himself. Just utill he might be forced by some unlucky casual circumstance or some other natural converting of circumstances to leave you to your own undminded Ambiental rejoycing reviewings.

Nature gives certainly some relate to a few of those priceless untying ‘Case-Framings’ caused by casual Stockings. Untyings, having occuren on behalf from some of those carried-away casual entiorpical Ambiental espyings and unminded gazing-arounds.

Poping myself out of the Frame from some of that casual Local Stocking occurings – I found myself laying my mind in some thoughtful disposition of unreplying loath, keeping myself slightly extrovertedly unreserven or conciled in some own verse-wise paradoxal reserven attitude. – Just in such an extend to let my Mind wander-off far enough as to disconnect from any Stocking Interception and to not mind about, the what so ever had been causing – the preceding ‘layering, chalking or fray notching exposure’ of mingeling Stocking attempts.

Filling my Homy Room with coze and some natural Ambiental Appreciation never ment to hang-on to some, late lurking Stocker. Infact, I fast learned that this City, as little and cute as it is – knows though and although some late-night Stockers.
You can see your Homy Freedom as you want, that space of own Liberty has at least by Law been given, or let’s say left to any Citizen. So and therefore, when ever it comes – to how, to conceive and structure that one Liberty, you are asken to use your own self discernement and judgement.

My Home is my Castel, is therefore certainly an appropriate welcoming greeting to any Stocker, who ingers of interferes with your cozy Freedom.

As a Jurist, I stay on the lucky, – or you might want to say unlucky end of the Story. Then, when ever – even, I get rid off a Stocker, which by fact happens.

For example in reason and motive of the Stocker himself, which just didn’t have the same Ambiental Taste as mine, or – because he got cought-off in some sieging own late-night skew grafting. To the traumatising consequence, to have to lay off from any kind of un-effortable own late-night Activity. That’s the way some Stocker’s claim to have been welcomen, by Citizens as well as by the Local Authorities as to riese and arise in them, an unjustified traumatising state of Mind of inexorable Defeat. Reason for which they dispose themselfs to ask by Thought, or fact for an extended monetary Reparation in regard of the unjustified detrimental enduren Damadge affecting their now-, so much troubled senses.

Unlucky, to have had to hear that’a Story too – in some too late-night off an own natural Ambiental gazing around, I turned around in my Bed, to cozily drift-off in some well-concious sleep that my Life was not securen 100% by Reason this a Days, even though I still confy in Law, Justice and Authority.

I’m not alone, nor lonesome though.

As and therefore I keep my company to Books, Law-Books and to Short-Stories as well as to short replys, for the simple reason that they keep the Incognito room from blind misunderstanding and Missunderstandings a real safeguarding Fact of Life, as well as of my own lucky – or as unlucky as it get’s, the own an factice Survival.

By SamanthaBrunellaMedugno

I came from Switzerland Zürich where I was born in December 1975 and I have been living now for over twelve years in Italy between Rome Avellino/Mecogliano and Foggia, Bari and so on !! I planed to leave Italy in January 2016 to be going to Asia for an Volonteerin/Asylum and International Persons Protection Plan and Project, and returned to Italy in September of the same year after having spoken to the UNHCR Officers in the Headquartes of the UNHCR in Jakarta Indonesia , THx' - I am still asking as well as seaking the International Protection for Fisical Persons on behalf of the regular procedural introduction and step-on from the National Italian Authorities, up to the Continental European Authorities, with my best regards from Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous called Miss Samantha B. Medugno on todays day the Friday tenth / 10th April 2020(a) Mercogliano Avellino from the an hill-sided small City Village Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino in Italy.

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