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Mending Shane’s insufficency, – or an unsimilar rich apetite

by lack, enough is not a Mistake

We’re getting towards Summer and in summer everything just pours-out some surplus, or some amount of excessive overproduction.

Sweat – no more, please.

That could be some kind of Publicitarian Campain for Sportives, to hold – from falling-off from some airy Cliff. Or, it could be some Sadisfactory Volk’s sing-sang Song – Thought-off, for the Industrial Agriculture, well reknowledgly over producing Wheed, Granins and Vegetables untill Summer-Ends Season.

Therefore, we could be saing ‘So steady the Season, so firm the daily Request’ to release Protection for Citizens in relate, from all those Over-Productive Environmental ambientale Influences of the Sun, the Ozone the all so civilized Metro-Cosmopolitan Smog Clouds diffunding themselfs with-out knowing, nor aknowledging any halt, – Ever.

Who’s apetite was it then -, who actually engendered this kind of daily Disaster?

Some Honorific Environmentalist’s as well as some of the European Union’s Representants speek, or testify at the periodic World Ambiental Summits about the Catastrofy of Industrial Evolution, the demunifying Leasures and Injuries inducen by a disatturifying Cosmo-Metropolitan Civilisation or, – there are, also and as well, keapt some vivid Talks about the Progressive Deterioration from the World’s Population Health.

Time passes, and since a few month I have Thoughts about the acquiry of my Backpack, – which happened a few years ago. Then there is and remains the acquiring of some further Luggages, as well as the – not to be ever’, – to be forgotten Appliance and reply for an European Travelling Insurance.

Some Moon elipses later at low Season’s End, I replied for the personal compliance of a simple Private Insurance. Nothing of the extend of a Statal Insurance, for shure – nor even of the one’s of mind-range scale, reknowledged as partially Stataly covered Insurances. – But I might still be satisfied, as some stay to say, on – some hot Coffee Days. I mean, at least I got an Insurance covering European Travelling.

Now, that I got nothing else then my daily Bussines to eat, – I wonder what is eating me out in such an disagreable way. Who would it be, who would have evolven such an fervid apetite.

I might have said, that now a Day’s with the COVID19-SARS2 Epidemic circuling on top of our Heads, the most obvious Answere seems to be, that Mid-Class Civilisation and Citizens have become a stataly Targeted aim, – to keep liable for a Statale satturating conjuncture and Balance of Security, which for our Health Seake – also might include, the assumption from some new Insurance Policies.

Have States, the Member States and third, fourth as well as fith States handled-out by own engagement Deals at the Continent’s and Wolds Authorities, just to get too greedy, or might I even say – to get too hungry, to forget what an average Apetite is?

My Home’s Shane has just gotten thinner, because of the unaccessibility to a stataly covered Social Security Policy or Insurance.
And the impoverishment, by monetary Damadge having to have had to enduren by the enforcement from the contemporaneous Economic Depression – well, to that last Situation, – there is certainly not much more that I can add, nor say.

It wasn’t just my Economic Situation which got mindered, but for certain I received less recalls, call backs, Compensations – Refunding’s or even Indemnifications for the sudden leasure of having seen, – emitten by Statal Indaxation some new releases of same-way Assets for the European Continent, which in itself isn’t worng. Course of Events which in the end did Result in some of those weired Stataly Shame’s affected and subordinated, expressionful Speech sessions, continuously contribiuting to some multiple representative Replys, which were apporten by some Statal or Private Representants, partially affirming ‘That the conception of such a prolific relation to the Public Damadging had to be suffered, by enudurance as a forcefully obliged Situation, to be – a by scientific synthetic regard retained as sensen’.

It is not because I’m a Girl or, European that anybody made an exception for me, as to spare me from any of the occuring Economic Damadges.

No, the same way the Shame’s Expression was set, was and is – the same way the Affect of Damadge has made no exception for anybody nor anyone. – Which by State of fact is, at the Day, some kind of Exclusive political annotation of lacking Forthought, for the past lived – the cognished and acognished present, as well as for the deedful conception and reception of the Future’s Perception.

But the up setting propagation from such a lacunary state of mind, in regard of Law’s consultation has gone further more way, infact it has taken-up a major significance for my Home’s Shane, by shame not having receiven any mending, – the same way and as well, as to subject my Economic Investition’s apetite to some mindering. As to end-up into that so well known insufficent state, of Statale Investment in a generic ratio of Public Security and Previdence – towards its new creation ‘The new Post-Epidemic European civil Civilisation’.

By SamanthaBrunellaMedugno

I came from Switzerland Zürich where I was born in December 1975 and I have been living now for over twelve years in Italy between Rome Avellino/Mecogliano and Foggia, Bari and so on !! I planed to leave Italy in January 2016 to be going to Asia for an Volonteerin/Asylum and International Persons Protection Plan and Project, and returned to Italy in September of the same year after having spoken to the UNHCR Officers in the Headquartes of the UNHCR in Jakarta Indonesia , THx' - I am still asking as well as seaking the International Protection for Fisical Persons on behalf of the regular procedural introduction and step-on from the National Italian Authorities, up to the Continental European Authorities, with my best regards from Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous called Miss Samantha B. Medugno on todays day the Friday tenth / 10th April 2020(a) Mercogliano Avellino from the an hill-sided small City Village Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino in Italy.

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