Evolution Parrallel Tough

Immunities Continuity, – or Objectivity caps subjectivities Health

left to be found, you by your-self

That’s one of my new Pages, fallowing some kind of own Set, or let’s say unfastening some own cathegorising or recathegorising settings, – unhooking, and leading by its own Evolution to a more personal tenor of Accountings about Life’s cummuled-up Experiences, releasing them-selves in some livly, by Emotions connoten short Stories account.

Do not hesitate to be browsing around, it’s free of charg! smilings;@)🤣😊😚😅😋😉🤩😂🤗😜😘😚sorrisoni’Samantha B. Medugno

By SamanthaBrunellaMedugno

I came from Switzerland Zürich where I was born in December 1975 and I have been living now for over twelve years in Italy between Rome Avellino/Mecogliano and Foggia, Bari and so on !! I planed to leave Italy in January 2016 to be going to Asia for an Volonteerin/Asylum and International Persons Protection Plan and Project, and returned to Italy in September of the same year after having spoken to the UNHCR Officers in the Headquartes of the UNHCR in Jakarta Indonesia , THx' - I am still asking as well as seaking the International Protection for Fisical Persons on behalf of the regular procedural introduction and step-on from the National Italian Authorities, up to the Continental European Authorities, with my best regards from Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous called Miss Samantha B. Medugno on todays day the Friday tenth / 10th April 2020(a) Mercogliano Avellino from the an hill-sided small City Village Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino in Italy.

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