responding in the World about News , Actualities and Conventive Reports sorrisone;@)smils

There I was, living as to testify about News and Actualities from the World/Mondo on my Volunteering and Asylum seeking sojourn in Asia, undertaken in the short period of three-quarter of a year from March 2016 until the end of the month from September 2016, when I returned to Europe.

It seems ages have on-gone since I have returned from Asia. When ever I read the News Letters from the European Council – about the european policy keapt-up in regard of the Civile Non-Governamental Organisations which are relying to the creation from a new Civile Society Body for the European Continent, I realized how big the gap between Legal European Conventions and their effectif enforcement has become. Infact as young Fisical Person I suffer pretty much about this ‘hesitative – tendency’ to be straight, or lets say fair and square about the application of Legal continental Conventions from the European Continents, which any way, have been in force for the entire European Continent for about, the last sixty or seventy years.

Latest news from Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous and nickname callen Samantha Brunella Medugno on todays day the Thursday eight / 08. April 2020 Mercogliano Avellino from the an Mercogliano City Village in the Province of Avellino the an small hill-sided Village City Mercogliano from Italy.

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