at least the Average, as habitual

img_20200601_160427mass, light and weight are funny natural Phenomenons from the Nature, reknowldgly reknowldgable by the Study from the primary Elements –  Through those studies we are retrieving and treiving Data for scientific valuable measures and calcules, which are by Nature fore-keapt in frames of avrage-spans from room Space and Time-Light reply, as to recover the natural Maters for perception assimilation conjoined to the high-lights of the dissimilation measures, on which behalf the visive and auditive amounts of resulting phenotypical Entiorpy of the World’s Evolution can be assumen, or lets say subsumen by Fisical Persons.

As considered by Exact Sciences the ‘Values of the Results’ should be precise – defined and exhaustive by Maters of Ratio diversifiable in their Relativity, as in counterpart to the mitigated way, choosen and fore-gone by means of an enhancement from Average space methodologies replying the transparency from Stratified Data-Saturation Projection which is used by Phil I Sciences, also called Human Sciences as Law, Media, Entropology, Theology, Economy indicating for theire formulations of Results, Assumptions, Relations and many combined logical-Maters ect.

For an habitual Transposition of our most usual ability of Living into our daily Sferes of living, with-out hustle and butters, there is to be indicaten the disposition to maintain a public enouncement of it, as to keep it a remaining expression and value for times-evolving reccords of Science. Such a one has reknowldgly been undertaken by the redactional inlay of a first generic Definition of Life by the Conventions Chart I and II from the years 1950ies emitten by the Unied Nations, on behalf of which legal emmitten erogation, the stratification from the Definition of Life is beeing undertaken by Fisical Persons as well as by People living on this Planet, promulging theire natural understanding of it. –
As on behalf and through it, they should have a regular, ordinary and naturaly habitual accesso to prop, or lets say to lean-on Life, with-in the Environment of their choice, to an average amount of livable Life also beeing agreable and genericly aggregatible, in an untroubled entiorpic living space of natural material and immaterial self-saturating and regenerating Resorce, which will serve or lets say, will have to be used for their primary Living Deed, needs and to satisfy as respons to their primary demands.

By legale interventions relocated Fisical Persons, People as well as entire Populations there-by enabled to apport and report the perceiven stratified Entiorpy of the contemporaneous, eventual allready having taken place Natural Evolution of Life in the new Environment of their own choice, in its various – most versatile contemporanous self-reproducing correspondencies, which have been keapt in an equal-natural relation to the aknowldged primary sane and healthy natural Strats of the naturaly entiorpicly autonomous Living Sferes of the worlds Environment inhabited.

published on todays day the Sunday three / 03. May 2020 Mercogliano (AV) the an small hill-sided City Village Mercogliano in the Province of Avellino from Italy.