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Alimentary and Nurishments, -or the adverse substitution Nature from substances of Obssession

likely unexpecten-review

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The subtle flowing of Ratio’s reason, – or the abrupture of scienter regeneration

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Moving for some own Evolution , or des-Aides

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The Shadows of Dust gouvers, – or Womens Nemesis

Identity as a Worldly place

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A Thought is enough for a Hollyday Serving

carry-around, or conventively cared about

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no Horror Tales , what a smile for that final Message

waking-up every morning, that’s what I call the true horror story of everybodies Life. That glips of nothing we look into, short after waking-up in the morning might just be the most corrisponding conjunction, as well as sincere answere to the existence of Eternity and its infinity. Infact there it is, that knowldge of those […]