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Mending Shane’s insufficency, – or an unsimilar rich apetite

by lack, enough is not a Mistake

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My Shell – or the Sfere of my Dissolution’s – Way

the reality of multiplicities relate

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A lay Life, – or the reading of a sentence

no sweet-B-Crume Story

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The Shadows of Dust gouvers, – or Womens Nemesis

Identity as a Worldly place

Converging unreliabilities

A Rejection of Nature, or a procedurale unrooting of the Security complex

There on my Balcony still that bare, blank cement sole which was leaving no recovery expectations for those, so long attended – community tickers, for the Urban and edile continuity of City-sights cares’ – on that same Balcony the shadows of natural autonomies were growing-out winding-lacunes, by the complex cluster-up from the most diverse foreign […]