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From the Willow of Sounds to the Reflexes of World-Summing and Humming – SoundScraps parte one

“Rain earns your Happyness” ,IMG_20200423_214032-02_edited (2)

as Flower-Leafs like, glows plain and falls from the Tree, beautyful and as unwilling to forego in forgetsome-ness as the ‘Elementary.

SoundScraps part two

“Cristalls bear dissimilation as own Evolution” ,imgpix_formulabiochimica_ematite_bsmedugnoit2020

as carving cuts that were molen into its Nature, forever far more vivid was natures reply by Shades, Shadows or Reflexes of Light, -they  tough stay unequal to its Linfe.

SoundScraps part three

“Air holds your Reply” ,imgpix_biochemicalformulaair_bsmedugnoit2020

as occupied as it is with its Airs, plain transparent and limpid as it was by sincere its natural reflex from the beginning of Life.


Theoretical Studies , The Adaptation to the Evolution of Phenos-, Phonetics and Photons also understood as an Evolution by Phenotype-Laws


The netto-balance from Adaptation – Proceedings of People to the contemporary Evolutive Society understood as a phenotipical mannered average of a Natural Evolution towards a well-balanced environmental sane Living, which generates a natural Dynamic of Living, – beeing usable as the Beginning for a stable, balanced and well-livable Integration of Fisical Persons in Population Strats, on behalf of the safeguard of the incolumity  from demograficly stratified Social Sferes.


Ggg sorrisoni;@)smilings’Samantha B. Medugno on Thursday twenty-third / 23. April 2020 Mercogliano (AV) from the Irpine Provinces Italy

from the World MondoEMondo

have been  imgpix_refoflight_bsmedugnojoined-in on my actual Personal Public HomePage at WordPress in the section – FeelFree to Comment –  which can be found at the url MondoEMondo.Wordpress.Com/Comments

summing-up Matters and Thoughts to the Thematics  

The Evolution of Reflexes as Light, Colours, Shades and Shadows – imgpix_cristallstopazematit_bsmedugnoit2020as compared to the Evolution of Natural Entities perceiven , transposen and then transferent to a man-made support by using diverse ways from the applied-sciences and various means preserving the Entiorpy of Evolution.

Dissimilation from the source of Light


The gamma ‘originary organic immaterial as well as material mater’, subsuming light-waves, planetarian wave-tails and genericly  the refluxes of Light are assumen to be the cause for the production of the Nexus or Nexeis, beeing product as well as proof for the etern infinite Evolution of the Phenomeno of the Phenotype.




Calcolus Matrix of three components ,

G – Genom of Natural  Phenotope Sferes , I – Ratio of Phenotope Sferes towards Phenotype main Genders, K – Relation Ratio from Natural Phenotope Phenomenons to Sferes as well as to the main known Phenotype Gender Indicators , as to obtain the Z – Element which stands for the parallel sfere reflex replicator Slopes


published by the own efforts of

Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous and nickname callen Samantha B. Medugno , last uploaden ajournments on Wensday twenty-second / 22. April 2020 Mercogliano Avellino(a) the an Mercogliano City Village from the an small hill-sided Village City Mercogliano the an Mercogliano Village and City suburb in the the Province of Avellino from the Region of Campain in Italy.