conveing voices of security, with the aim of concilability

Legal Tolls

The youngest one, of the civilists small-cities tenants with a balcony-room on the main Street of Life, – whom by which I was meaning myself, felt just on the verge, of another-one of those preassure full controles – which where, most certainly and secure of the most misrable and pathetic kind; as conformly to official bald alter-way halls, had also been callen ‘The Emul – of world standards application’.
There was certainly no entlightement to be expecten from those thourougest, but balanceless plumben measurements, or let’s say thorouwest applien rays and scan through, of my most regular, and daily on-goings.

The baldest and steadiest Askew world standard controllers, lead by theire perceiption of Social complexities, made me feel allready, all the unjustice of the world. What happend, you might say – or even dare ask.

There is actually not much to tell, nor to comment in given circumstance – as, all what really heappend, was one more, of those unhappy Chaps from the over-see club of the Civil Societies Organisations, bursting in on my regular communication, and yelling at me, that there was to be expected the world crash by irradiation of a higher Intelligence Quotient, and that once more – it must have been my folt.

Halls of yellers, tellers and screamers – and so astonishingly disrupted as well as lit-up, in fact all of them where talking about some higher intelligence quotient, not one though about the logic of the Nature, or Law – by dispear, most obviously, denying the nature of Sience and of Ius.

As I was going-on in my calmest and most retainen replies of juridic and legal  comprehention, in regard of the describen circumstance -, reknowldgly to me, beeing a source of the most complex and precarious kind, as well as the origin itself, of one of those lately accounten emissions or, lets say irradiations from a higher intelligence quotient into the world; I was cought-up by those usual voices, also called the Populations reasons, and mass requiery of a final and most definite firm rejection, from those alter-wayed loud rumorings circuling endlessly around my small-Cities Balcony Room, on the second floor.

There finaly, the Security Officers from the United Nations, which dared to reafirm some Order – by taking over of the situation, which I might say, was slightly getting out of hand. The voices of security finaly conveing with that well-conciliable legal aim of order and a steady most daily regularity.

A higher Intelligence Quotien – emitten in the World, what was that all about? I had seen a Cartoon or two lately, which was not so fully depriven from an well-conceiven assumption of the autonomous regenerability from some few regular conceptualized chunks, of civil intelligence Traks of various Societies – although indicating the steady frequency, as well as the high potential of some habitual reflow from social errors.



Somewhere in the World there is a young Civilist suffering – by legal lowering Shaft framing its natural Perception of the World – the Legal Tolling was producen by ‘That Question of – the higher intelligence Quotient, and what it was all about’

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