An aphonia or – the slights of the tiniest detail

Of botter from- , or was I bottering-somebody.imgpix_fiore_dautunno

I was confusen, – what did that actually mean. “Notingh was matching nor concilable or con-joinable.”

All those People had gathered and were some how Pitching off, in Botter from – or, in botter for…. I don’t know exactly, but they seemed quite carried away by some kind of distorsive Thought – by which they were targetting Vanity, or Vanities Faire.

Was it just me, who was fully unable to understand what they were saying, nor to conjugate the expressen – or was it still only me, who had felt that even lining-up, of some kind of seizing strocke from – ‘that most qualified unconvertable but already acomplished wild Transgression’, which usualy was recalling for the recovery of some reason, or motivated sens and not just – of the lack from them all together.

Was that some kind of proof of Aphonia – or, the slights of some tiny detail?

All of it was so habitually unsuitable, glocke – as you would some how say, perileous of some unmanner-full dripping from irrationalities, or of an eventual future hallucinative melt-down.

Suposedly, all of them – I mean the Bunch of them, they were all taken in – as, the streems of News were declaiming a Terminus – Line to the Act. Even if they seemed to be drifting-off in some own-diperdition.

At that Time I was still taken-in by the returning Thought, that after all, I had a lot better to do and to conjoin with – as to listen to some Trangressive Bitch who was shouting out-loud its rights to accomplish Crime Acts and Delinquency.

My inner-voices where directing me, fare away – or, by paradoxal state of minde, just right back to my daily occupations – as, to stay at a secure distance and for certain, as to not have to ever come back again. As they were unknown People to me, that I did not known and that I did not intend to know.

Infact, before that encounter I was heading-down the road as to reach the Library in that Foreigh Big City I had travelled to, as to enjoy the metro-Cosmopolitan going-ons as well as the, on the central Square placen present-years Botanical-Gardens autumn Leafs-Events.   


2 replies on “An aphonia or – the slights of the tiniest detail”

It just happens, some gather for a Coffee other’s forgetting to have some spare lay and lazy feel to disposition – ha, ha smilings;@)😝🙄🤩😂🤣🤗😘😚😋😅sorrisone’Samantha B. Medugno on todays day, Friday thirty April 2021 from Mercogliano AV Italy


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