Hide and seek – or a verse of wale splitting

I must have lost my couse, my home – my minde. A morning peace of Cacke and some warm Coffee at the Corner-Store, that was all, what was going with my News Paper.

I was enjoying it most obliviously, infact I bearly remembered any of the actual on-goings from the last week. The event-narrative redacten by Jurnalists was thrilling enough, to just ‘accepte the conception of the event perception, creaping-up my conciousness, as written and published’.

Mhhh, most secure – those actuallity accounts were all some hot type of clutching-up News-Clippings. By repassing the read threads, in some kind of fast-review, I once more made-up my mind ‘Those News scraps, were all some kind of Type of most Important detailed Exerpts of Facts from Land, Continent as well as from the Society and the World’.    

Once more, I had to confort my soul by some tender self-considering auto-compensation about the Fact, that I just remained where-ever I was going, some kind of Stranger in Foreighn unknown places – that, just because, some day – some years ago, in my youth-young Life-lines Evolution I had to depart from the Land I had been born in.

Not as an Indigenous, but as an originary native Stranger, who and any-how, by stress of that most self-wrecking matter, – had also by ordinary, regular full-law procedure  become a ‘Naturalized Co-National Citizen from the Land who I had been born in’.

– The misrable, poor Foreighn native Chap, meaning myself, had to gather the own crumbles of Lifes-leftowers, as to avoid some of the occurings of higher Man-Made forces, which by some bizarre encounters of Facts had seen a blunt lightning-up from some let loose, firecly crashing Lands self-owns uncontrolled Entitary Natures who were desintegrating them-selfs, leaving any non-Indigenous Fisical Person with the ultima-ratio choice of its own, to leave the Land to seek protection abroad, or to be trampeled by the consequences of the unleashen Disastreous Man-Made Forces.

That is how I got a recidiviste seizen by the plagues of Indole from statal poor compensations issued for the dislocation of Strangers as well as non-Natives, which were out-living theire legal procedures of dissimilation and unequalities in diverse Lands of  own Recollection.

Thriven by the fogy cloud of Foreighn News and Coffee,  which I was consulting on the way of reasoning and contextualizing the News-Paper in the Corner-Store, I had constituten an perfect equivalence between my natural Strangesomeness and the Statute of Non-Native Fisical Person living in a pro-forma Foreighn Land.   

As every day before, in my Life – I was still playing at hide and seek with aknowldgment, for acquintance and adequation, by which reply I was trying to relax and rest the splitting, – as well as the rejoycefull waleing verse and reversings from that eventual most agreable perception of assimilation and Integration I was awaiting.