living entirely as way of intergrability, or reach-out for the arrival

Too many Experiences –

There are many places sold-off as the perfect Make-up sights of Living. Which wereIMG_20200726_115535 callen, to have linen-up in Public, as some kind of new Neo-Appearence, also to be recallen – in a more habitual, ordinary or scientific vulgare aknowldgment, as the New-age Fatamorgana of Survivors.

Reknowingly, in the twenty-first century our daily Proceedings have been keapt unrelaten to the marge of the anyway inviten Volks Pole, as well as to the opinion from any casually univiten Observer.
All of them, were at the same time nouncen by the invoice’s notice of glimmer and strass of our Society’s high-lights, flurring and gapping-up to the Dyslexic representation of their own tolls of Perfect Living. 
Representation by which, was tryen to be established a frame of use, – of a some how playfull allusion from – a declaimen ‘Entirely new Inovation of Society from Europe’s Twenty-first Century or, lets say – of Society’s Living’, featuring its bridges for the present’s newest, most absolute niessing places of Living.

Most obviously, my voices – I mean, my inner voices, are in no what so ever way, getting equal nor responding to the flurring glimmer of the inovative Visons, lately declaimen in Europe. 
No, my-self I’m fare further more thrilled by the paradox of Man-Made Disasters, which has been declaimen lately – World wide, as a Head-Lining News as well as a certain Scientific fact.

Some how, I’m silenced by it, or as I would say, ‘I’m some how perverly enjoying my boring day by days going-ons. As its regular, ordinary carring reflections are standing in an abrupt oposition to the ‘Call of Inovation from Euope’ but not to the Man-Made Disaster it is causing.

Exerpt –

too many Experiences, I have made my-self, as to exclude the factice utility of the ‘Conciling by incognito from the prolifered Public Continental civil as well as social relyments for Fisical Persons – UNHCR – IOM – ect. ‘. They are producen-autonomously by the reply of care for a recovering-surrounding from one-own-self’s safeguared as well as protected Life and living – to whom is beeing corrisponded by law with the granting of a free public relyment to 4, 5 or 6 Associations and Organisations coworking for the Public Order and Security, to keep that Life and Living safe also in further-on going times.

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