Sferes – unrelaten by simple Spaces of orbital Languages

a Sign of illusion’s Delusion, – or an Expression of Scienter Thoughts

In my own Thoughts account, – as, they have in their usual way – so much to say to the on-going, that they don’t ever confirm any of my own Predictions

ANCHOR.FM – Category , Living entirely ect. SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

How did it actually happen? – I was sitting, just calmly in my single Room Flat located on the City’s main circumvailing Boulevard, when it just stroke me by Confiusion’s circumstancial’s unlucky Case.

Looed – as some kind of left over Crumbs, of one own self. May them left-overs be accognished, as some of my most intim Thoughts which have gone lost? I mean, might it actually be a possible case, that my own Thoughts – unexpectedly gathered unrelatedly in some before unaknowledged Room’s roaming’s Whirl, of – the own City’s Flat roundabout.

Getting all of my Thoughts together, in some kind of articulated manner. I would even say, that I never lost any of my Thoughts – but, found some more of my unconcious own latent ones!

In some kind of way, I would even dare to be saying – that, I got brighter and scienter about my same own self Concious, as well as unconcious Thoughts.

Kind of what is known to be – a pretty weird Experience.

I start all over again. – So, it actually all began with some overwhealming moody famin’s Feel about Chocolet.

Where my Thought’s circled around some kind of childish-Kids Redondon – or let’s say, some of the Kindergarden’s Rhymes.

Going-on, as

“If it wouldn’t be for all the Chocolate that I shovelled-in, – I could have had said, that I would have eaten most regularly.

I wouldn’t say, that it happens often to me, to care for some finished Sentences, which by the way – let themselfs well line-up as dispatchable Stereotypes, to just be printed-out. It is surprising that despite the rarity of the Event, the sum of its effects – occured to me, as a Bequest, with some kind of familiar sound and resound. Had then – the Civilisation gone lost between a spoon and another, of a well filled Spat of Nutella?”

In original on-going

“Se non fosse per tutta la Cioccolata che ho ingurgitato, -avrei anche mangiato regolarmente.

Non mi succede soventemente di fare delle Frasi fatte, che poi si lascino anche stampare come dei Stereotipi finiti. E sorprendente, – malgrado la rarità del Evento, l’effettivo del suo accadere – mi riporta d’un tratto un Lascito di suono e risuono familiare. La Civilizazione s’era forse persa tra un Cucchiaio di Nutella ed un altro?”

My cozy, homy Sferes of Living had suffered one of does airy and bitter Stings that just some veniminous Insect’s can impose to you, to endure and to heal. In the end effect that Chocolate Deal was sticking-up to me, with that force of pre-empowered intim connotation of Fault, Fatal error or – of last admonitory Advise, that only the own subconcious Concious could master.

Infact, I was demunished infront of my, – by Chocolate connoten unrelaten, as well as unconcilable remaining Thoughts! – Alone, hiding myself away under the, all so many Sheets of my Bed’s Blankets.

Had I actually managed the Impossible, the fulfillment of the most scary of the Realities “to infranct – and interfere with my own homy – and all so cozy single roomed City’s Flat’s Freedom”.

If, and as long as you think about the bizare emotional Circumstance, you would have at least to bear in Mind, that it is pretty difficult to get lost in a single roomed Flat. But with all my Thoughts, most unrelaten and disoriented circuling around some Chocolate Deal. Chocolate, – or let’s say Chocolate Deal which wasn’t even materialy existing, – nor available, as I had finished my emergency stock of natural and basic Alimentary Enhancers.

At the End I decided, a Pot of Tea would do it, – I mean settle down all those unrelaten Emotions, and by affects connoten Thoughts. Keeping my orbiting and slightly inconsistently diverting Feels to a steady peacemaking pace, of concilable – conveying Balance.

Nothing to get mad about, – and no psyco Deal to grow-out. I would not breack my Homy Freedom, nor would I breack the Health of my Conciousness – or even, toller, suffer as well as endure to get brocken in front of any subconcious, latent naging somatic self-empowered and animated Initiators of indipendent and uncontrolled overproduction from Mind’s Cortical as well as Body Plasma’s – immunifying Chalk’s. A slightly diverten overproduction, enhancen by the omission of a real, material – natural Chocolate Imput.

No, I would stay firm and altough, never – ever subsign to a of Life long Chocolate stock Furniture. After all, I prefere Phonetics to Pheromones, which last ones – til the day – aren’t to be classified nor isn’t as a whole matter, specifieable as orbital Language.