A dull place, – or the unlucky lack of revesable variables

Entiorpy as magnanimous relaxer

A day like an other, on which I surprised myself laying my tired limbs in some strange kind of body-fold down on the bare sole, chewing some grass Halms and thinking about the more or less, – or as I could have said, about the unreachen. The poor Abacus’ recovery calcolus, puzzeled me – I mean, how poor could poor be, as to be missunderstod as such – and not as degeneration?

I have been living on the Street for many reasons – until now; for example to know more about this World, as low cathegory Back-Pack Traveller. Or because of some legal Procedure I was fallowing on the Field terrains. Once I was even forced to live a night on the Street, – where it was cold, humid and foggy, – that happened as to fully, honorably feast some bodies Birthday. The last one, I actually never fully digested, because of the Beach-Towel trist looks, during that Night as I used it, the Beach-Fidel to cover myself in the thick Fog of a European Metropolitan City. This still occured, as to pleasingly celebrate some acquintances Birthday.

Supposedly, poor would include some strate of defense and not the mere or firm convoicing surrender to poor circumstances. By lack inviten, People habitualy Think more, or let’s say further then as to simply surrender to a poor poverties’ Living. Not halting at that Thought of Natural Horizons, delinen by the own bodies and minds Defence in front of poor circumstances sedating sadisfaction. Poor is wheter a state of Evolution, nor a suitable state of mind to be abiding with. I heard myself more then once saying, to be poor -, or let’s say lacking of Monetary Resources and so on, but I actually never saw, nor found Eternities fulfillment in it. Poor isn’t by Nature -, just sadisfying.

People say, that poor circumstances induce deep, fundamtental Thoughts. I might even have had some of those fundamental Reflections, but I am tough puzzled by the lack of perception, reception and transposition of the extend, the thick-elastic masses and heaps of diverse, different as well as unrelaten Thoughts which, to my knowledge were fully worthy – although not valued as such in the Discourse about those Fundamental Moments.

It is as if the Discourse keapt-in some freely accessible Public Place, induces People to reduce answeres to Fundamental Reflections, to a single one – still, subdued by the attraction of poor circumstances, unlucky them People – getting lost in spaces stagnating in the opaque semi-transpsrency of public-rendere variables from Hope and the Trusted expectancy of some kind of Fool, having in Time missperceiven the Beauty of it.

What an answere, that single unique one was – ahh, so many People beeing still subdued by its flaire, and message of wholsomeness, propagated by Fools as in- and unsurmountable gratifier of Wisdom.

I could also have said, what a broad wide open layed Lie, pumped up with a whole bunch of subliminal – less sober, as well as higly mitigaten Emotive Emission Materials, affect the objective logic and coherent Thinking of Men’s and Womens Kind. Reducing by the acceptancy, of its didactivly progressive proceeding, by the same lack of sobriety – inducing a strenuously tiering affect from Body and Mind, as to minder in a relevant manner the replication, perception and reception senses of Men’s and Womens Kind. As a product of some kind of Apatic Affect’s effect, nailing or dumping itself by instauring some kind of blant Emotional Acceptancy of the Unique Wholesomeness, experienced before hand in regard of the on-claimen final, worldy Vision, – same one, sill and repetedly reached by the claim of the one, unique and single Answere Knoking-Out all remaining Reason, Ration and Relatability to the World.

It’s all right. Now I’m frightened, by all kind of ‘just that same kind of sort’ of low-end crap. And therefore, I just might want to halt any-one of you, for that sec’ – of a second thought. – As falling from a state of attent reviewability of consideration from World and its natural Entiory, straight through and into a Dull State of an abstinential, depriving wrackage of the own reality senses, implyen by the blank worshipping Acceptancy of poor circumstances, that untill and til its elevation to an Abusive Uncontrolled State of Body and Mind from Man- and Womens Kind’s Evolutive poverty.

Is this a state of unreversability of Men’s and Womens Kind gender – reached through the Worshipping of Acceptancy form unique, single one Moments of brightening-up Wisdom – this, untill its final unlucky-ending degeneration?
– as, D-Planet-Wastes’ –