Immaterial arrivals – where exactly would that resting place be?

A Hair, some peel and wool. What was that Dream all about? Ohh, pardon – I wasn’t dreaming. I was just dozing-in and off in the midst of the night, in reason of my usual Insommnia. 

All that cozy feel about my warm, soft sleepy skin – was reason enough, for my presumable strange Ratio of relation, I was carring-on to establish towards some other bizare, or lets say, at least – towards, some other strangely latent refluctuing Toughts about Cream.

Ahhh, now I remembered – it was though all about Representatinon and the neetest Face-off you had to keep about it.

Some usualy tried, – as the matter seemed to show-off some difficult as well as unconcilable inalienable or unissuable sides, to show-off the smart attidute known as, ‘The Peak Cream Representation’ – only, as to fulfill to that well-known requirement set by the Public run as the Private Efficency Quest of Privats.

Most evidently I was having a night-mare, or some kind of unconsicently torn mid-night film-celluloid visioning. In fact, the confusion I felt was easing my emotional rush, and not the opposit. 

It was though detestfull to be having to think, that those daily permissive proceedings, which had been on-chanaled across some diversly and divariedly stratified Layers of Society, by – some kind of equaly perissive Private policies for Public Representation, were by emulated-stipulations – straight-forewarth distorively as well as own-permissively, digging there way through to my unconcious- or subconcious state of mind. Requiring continuously my representative understanding, as well as a free-pass to some rightfull or legal Out-Spoken Statement, about or lets say in regard of a few essentially low-ranged Relying Statements on-behalf of my Fisical Person. 

As for example, – ‘You have with, and by consent been classified our first maden Gerant’.

Wooling-up again in the cradle of my sleep, I just must have -by despise of the stedily-nailing thought, having had -, to dissimilated the some kind strange, or bizare thought of an eventual own consent, dispelled in the midst of the ample extend of natural logical thoughts about Rest, and the freedom of ‘The Effectivenes from Immaterial just so steadily factice rewardings’ of Laws- long ways and of Ius Natural Orbital Entiorpies.