My Shell – or the Sfere of my Dissolution’s – Way

the reality of multiplicities relate

Politics never really interessted me, infact I’m an outspoken declared apolitical or let’s say non-political Jurist. To be precise I’m a young Girl, victim of diverse bizar Political circumstances and an outspoken apolitical Naturalist.

Since two decenies, I carry around a Shell of private living Sfere old of three to four decenies – of own juridical apolitical Naturalist’s Life.
If I would own a Shelf, I would depose my favorit tampax Trofies on it, to keep a cozy moluk’s view on the diverse Aspects of the Life – they represent.

I did adore traveling around in the World, – I still do, but it’s gotten more difficult since the European Politics uses a monetary Economical blank-spaning Telemarketing Policy to be going about their Finances, – policy which perhaps might even have been used for the Constitutional Representation from their in force standing Conventions and Laws.

But I must have found a well-better manner to keep identifying myself with the Living Entiorpics of this Planet. Infact, when you think about it, – there is cheaper ways then displaying your cuban Beach Trofy on a Shelf, to get the tropical-vivid Soil feel. It -, meaning the Representation’s aims and means of Nature’s forthgoing proliferation, might though have someting to do with the releasing – relaxing ability, to a paradoxal state of mind.

Let’s just take one example, – a natural Veil-Roomer which is a Device measuring the trasponability of space and room, can be made out of a Steel container witholding diverse Grains, Stones, Alges and Silicas. Giving you for the cost of a few Coins a full-feel of an off-shore tropical Sea-Soil Dispenser.

Now, as there is no Shelf to disposition – that doesn’t mean that Nature hasn’t in store for you, or anybody else an adequate pedestal, as well as a Podium for your new found Trofy of natural Nature’s Tribiut.

The Grain-Shells as well as the Scorches and peals produce a spreading veiling Feel in which to hide or – disappeare, on behalf of the new found dissimilating Sfere of living Life’s safeguarde, dissipating that suitable atmosferic Feel of self-recovery. New createn homy and cozy Atmosfere certainly beeing a secure dissolutioner of Apathies, from scores and sores from injuries, as well as traumatising affects and so on.

The Question is, if that’s the paradoxal way to Nature’s Freedom, shelling one-self in poor circumstances for a Dissolution of the disadvantage from the unwealthy state, stired-on by an inufficent monetary Economical Toler.

I, for myself chose to take a Deviation, or let’s say a change of direction, – of corse from a Destiny which isn’t the mine, but certainly seems imposen to me by some of the statal Economical Policies – Means and Amis, of the sustained on-keapt rusty thrive from some daily forthgoing civilized Well-Beeing, beeing peeled- and striped-over by mortar sweat on to the poorer stratus of Population.