To pay Reparation’s and domadge, – or to let space hit Time of Recollection

Some say, it’s important

ANCHOR.FM – Category  , Conveying ect. SEASON 1 – EPISODE 3

I’m adjected to my little List of good Advices, to be carring around for my simple, proper own Pleasure. By Theorems to be knowing and learning, – as to cognish and accognish about how much you can be Mistaken, Misplacen or Inconsistent.

A Behaviour, which might have been causen by some slight Professional deformation, infact as a Jurist I tend to analize instictivly what and what ever how, as well as ‘the why’ of any kind of Life’s to endure Unconvayability. Constituing by matter of fact the Reason, Motive of the ‘Why about’ from any kind of own Undertaking’s, or – of any kind of Daily occurings by logical subsequence, also including any kind of Natural relaten Circumstances.

As to gather, or summe-up some Assets of complex Princibles joining, conveing – diverging or conciling each other with some of those main carriers of Natural Laws, those are some of the recommenden considerings to be  includen – for a professional Counceling. As they are carring Ratios, or relating Relations for the effective improvement from one own’s Disposition, implying diametricly an Issue, a thematical Difficulty or a – still, immature bearing Context. 

Til the day, I just recompose my own Life’s occurings, or let’s say I try to recompose the authonomity of it’s Sfers of Occurings.

You have to know, that I’m more of a feazen Type, so I’m quite released about any of the out-comes.

Which, by the way, I might rework completly – just a few seconds later, by lack of reachable sadisfaction.

Therefore I got used to have Thoghts about caution, diligence and attention, which have become my Daily – Business, as there are, still – and always some Things lacking, as to be incapable to be by fact just enabled – to jump to Conclusions.

There is just never enough convoicingly-accognished Natur around, having self-saturatingly been aknowledged and cognished, – as to be secure and certain of the Reasons and motives from the – by fact, stable remaining Result.

Even if I keep noting-down my best Advices as some daily small, quick-notes – non of my Difficulties just resolved – , or desolved them self in Air, by the result of the mere apperance from an anexable Genius of a suiting and self-resourcing foddering Seamon, for the – since some time expecten, self-settling Recovery.

So Events procede despite me, with-out any Resolution which in itself isn’t the worst of the Things either, as they find by phony ads and ods, a casual conveying.

That’s for certain a Moment to be tracing down – next to its own good Advice or Advices, as it bears or let’s say it referes to the concept of seize from some eventual useful Relate, to a rummage Deal of scienter Responses and Replys from on-feazing receptibilities, discognishing genericly any kind of pre-planified surrounding specifying species of organized Space.

A Natural thrive towards Entiorpy, – one could be saying, generating a dynamic Theme for a self-protective ideem of survival, establishing itself, as a cross-lined Sky in the midst of the own daily keapt sticky Notes.

As I keep-on collecting, gathering as well as cherishing as much, and may out-balancing Rationalities as I can find, the final Result of my Quest – , or may I say – Quest’s Aim strike my Mind.

As the Strenght relation of Time’s casuality hit and strike me in a recollected manner, as to punish me for the still to be payed Reparations of Lifes enduren Damadges. Auuch…