summing-up relocates

never there, was it – or I, never. For as to have gone, to the opposen limits of the Thought, – that I never-ever might have been there?

What are we speaking about, a Theam or thematic, a matter, a place – a space or some kind of location? Well, having made up my mind by Thought, I just suppose that I definitly was speaking about the Living of the most well -naturally standardized Entiorpy of Nature.

I would therefore simply have said, that I deserve that well-defined and well-finished Natural Right, invariable to the reason, motive and facts of the well-known declaren inexhaustible nature of that same Right – ‘The Right of indipendency of Fisical Persons’ this last one, having been noticed to the Public on behalf of the United Nations Conventions I and II from the years 1950ies, for contexts of Human as well as Social out-growth.
Conventions callen-out to be the legal carriers and recoverers for the Right of the Orbital Protection from Fisical Persons People as well as from the most diverse Populations from this world and Planet.

Summing-up Life, through the view point of my own perception cummoling-up vivid experiences, ambiental and social replies as well as natural reflexes, which represent and present some kind of relate to a deaily entiorpical living, – then arriven to that point, I might have to have said, to have recolected all my Living spent on behalf of indications from Professors, State Presidents and Cultural-Attachées telling me well-knowingly, that such an Orbital Right to my Fisical Persons’ Protection was just a part of the an by Law integrated or assimilated Right, naturaly as well as legaly replicated coverd and recoverd publicly for everybody, as to garanty the Living Entiorpy of our beautiful Planet and its Inhabitants.
But the question remains, have I ever had by fact such a Thing, – as an effective entiorpical Orbital Living Protection from my Fisical Person by the nature of Law ?

Some might have, subtracten the legal, natural regular public replication of the fully enforcen Lawful Orbital Right of Fisical Persons’ Protection from their natural perceivers, just by ading to the Mater-of-Law some variable or criteria, well reknowldgly of the most-softest philosofical kind – soft, just as soft as only classical Phil II Sciences can be, in theire content and expression of relevance.
As usual framing the World and its Planetary Living by their repetitive claim of legitimity to assess Demands ‘of the meaning from Life’ vs. ‘from the meaning of the infinit Eternity of Entiorpic Live and Lives Protection’.
The indicaten repertory of the legal and natural Public replication of Entiorpic Live, living and its Protection, which legaly includes the Protection of Fisical Persons’ as well as of the Natural Environment of this Planet’, is at the day not in any kind of manner or way of the competence nor of the jurisdiction from Phil II Science Curators.

Although, they fumble around with the Theam, thematics and the diverse matters of Life as well as its Entiorpies, on behalf-of their own claims of the legitimate relevance for a Public Replications of theire some, – few ancestraly curaten Thoughts, which on the other hand, and by the way, – they retain to be ‘By evidence and by fact, as of well-pondered theire-own mannered and cured autonomous undertakings Right.’ Which should, as a matter fact, not represent any kind of Problem, what-so ever.

That’s when I found my way back to Law, Jur, Giurisprudence and the well-strong natural arms of Nature and natural Law – relocating my daily summing-ups to Ius.

published on todays day Monday the forth / 04. May 2020 Mercogliano (AV) the an small hill-sided City Village of Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino from Italy.