Are we surviving by sufficency or by recognishion ?

A bodily drainer, thats’ what an Air-of-Expectatiodn chalks, crudls, clusters-up to – or, lets say mortar-mixes the fisical Bio-Organisms of People as final-result of its own autonomous self-acting effect.

It is astonishing how habitual ‘the Request of fulfillment from Eternity and its counterparting Infinity stay’ at the day. I’m impressen, – some how I was thinking that those kind of demands and requirements, remained a thematic of Romantic oriented soles, – but I was mistaking.

Infact, recalling the last falf a century of Living, I had the chance to experience on my own living-body in this beatiful and sane World, a few of those Examples cristall clear revealing them-selfes to me, or lets say having layed open them-selfes to me.
I must admitt that the most subdulent subdoeing Request of ‘Eternitys fulfillment, hatching and bearing theire own infinitly valuable products’, were blantly unfastened to me, by the most diverse Fisical Persons; a University Professors, an Expo02 Project-Supervisor, a Store- and Warehousekeaper and an ex-enrolen Militaryforce Agent ect..

This is some kind of rare picture of the last Mohicans of civil Habits and Social Accustomings ‘Survivors of the last Decades of unsadifying uses and theire Archaical-Laws’ which were expecting some of those earnings, from that naturally granted replys of Nature, to those playfull and supreamly legaly keapt ludical fulfillments, in respons to which they were claiming their adrealisation and the recognishon of its ludical adrealisation from that some how gendered new Society’s Status.

“… as many of them, as I might have encountered in my Life – is also, as many of them that I had to reject in their Expectations of the adrealisation and fulfillment from Eternities infinities Quest.”

The sufficency of Living Entiorpy in it-self was actually all that keapt my Thoughts on-going, even today I wouldn’t satisfy my-self with any other transposition for what is Living or survinging – what kind of parallel for Living could I expect from recognishion any way. It just seems that my intressts stay  and keap-on staying still diverse from the ones of others.

Today was just another week-ends day like another, infact I was browsing through the World wide Internet Web and did find news, Actualities, Magazins and some Encyclopedias’ and Dictionary’s-entries about Bio-Diversities, Bio-Organisms and Bio-Dynamisms and Ambiental Laws ect..

My own todays demand was simple, for a Jurist and for a some how by daily habit, an in nature interested type of Fisical Person.
Therefore I wasn’t much frayed by my own-self questioning about ‘What are Laws carring fundamental Organims and theire Bio-Diversifying Dynamisms which are conveying towards a sufficient natural Entiorpicity of Ius, Iur and Iurisprudentia ?’ – It seems that by the Bio-Organical-Factors of autonomous carring bio-organisms as well as by the Laws, Theorems and maters of Science out-grown from the diverse Sferes of Nature and Ius also carring the Orders of Law, Jur and Giurisprudency – the right of Immunity, Incolumity and replyability were gendered and re-gendered in multiple-versions as to garanty to Cittizens theire Rights and right to decide for their own Livings and on-going living pathes’, simultanuously garantying to Cittizens their own rights to own Works as well as genericly to work, to own Intressts, to Occupations and to an own Future…, which some times includs the right to some kind of own Destinys Flair.


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the present contemporaneous account about ‘Others stay still diverse – are we surviving by sufficency or recognishion ?’ has been redacten by my-self Miss Medugno Brunella with pseudonimous and nickname callen Samantha B. Medugno on todays day Sunnday the twentythree / 23. August 2020 Mercogliano Avellino the an little citty and Village Mercogliano in the Irpine Province of Avellino in Italy.