recognize what’s there – and, just read intellectible signs as read

served by Nature

There is nothing healthier, than forgetting what Society or civilisation was all about. Those are anyway a kind of progressivly, by trash overweighted notions, that have been legaly, as well as genericly conceptualizen but stay missinterpreten by Privats and the economics-politics Policies.

It happened, – that when I was little -, I found some time to be getting out, and stroll around in the Woods, walk along the river, or to paddle in the Lake.

Now a days I hang on my Balcony and lurk at the green plants in the Neighbourhood, – for those gint Signs of stratifying mercy, apported towards Nature and towards the recognishion, of its regeneratif sole, span and range.

And, when-ever I cross the Limits of social promisses, garantying complying Sadisfactions, I recollect myself as civil-target for Social-Drownment, in some kind of endless, useless undisentagled confrontation, – which were imposen to me, by that complete mortar-bounden Lie about Realities efficency -.

The Lies subliminal expectations, have although been enforcen towards every-one and anybody by the Governamental feel and worry of natural Freedoms’ Unreliability -, which is garantied by the Constitution towards everybody and every-one, in regard of those same, well-known individual fears, emerging on behalf of the entropologic-cultural unreliable fulfillment and adrealisation Promisses of Society.

The Social-Bias, by social trash punched-up and then replied, as well as nurished and stocked -, for the readability from contemporaneous-social Tendencies, which are assimilating the Index of the evolutive-substrath from autonomous living-genders. Which, even then, and still -, are autonomously carried by Societies socio-social Product, but paradoxaly not always by the Social-Bias.

So I drift, drift away from civilisation and Society into the green fields, Woods and musky river-banks, to be finding myself confronten with those tiny intellegible signs of sane, healthy survival. – Where Leafes, are strath of entiorpicly grown clorophyllic gramineae, with thick epidermic bundles of out-growing gills -, and its sounds of thrives and up-closing regurgitant interactions, with the diverse Sferes of Nature remain some kind of twirls, of throping feazful Freedom.

Keaping realitys’ Expression, to its main traces – of those most fearful Laws of Nature, most habitually indicating to you, the unavoidable perious own-wild kind, of its own gender.

In those lines of Evolution, I can trace back my own kind and gender, – from one, of those Fisical Persons – also calling them-selfs geericly part of the Human Kind.

Strong Leafs gints recovering a variety of fertile gill-ways, having inexorably rooten them-selfs through Earth soles, for those coreful extends of wide storing-spaces, called by entropologic proliferation, our bearing-places of regeneration and natural Home spaces. By Gints simple signs of nature and adaptation to it, we refounded the scientific Language of Todays Sciences, by Phonetics, phenotipical-replys, as well as by the verse-wise versatile articulations from Phenotops Limes.

Therefore as a Jurist, I express to and towards Nautre a ‘big, steady Thank you’, for its autonomously intelligent Resources, which, as others – reject naturally the civilizated Societies Excesses.

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