thoughts tough, never end

The most returning Thought, altough is the one of Indipendency, as it dissimilates itself from all the other-ones and though, preserves the capacity to assimilate other Thoughts, Ideas, Hypotesis ect. – fallowing so the lead of the presented thoughts, we would be cought by our own war-game, between the Indipendecy of Thoughts and its entiorpic counterpart, the autonomacy of Thoughts.

I once heard that Thoughts had to have a certain quality, or lets say they at least have to corrispond to values as to be considered precious enought to be remembered. Therefore I searched for the transposition to that Thought and found myself facen with the well-known Maters-of-Connexities and the partial Design of the most-precious and complex Thoughts, which had been placen and replacen in the middst of Natural Elements, also – to be remembered as the entiorpical Flux of the Unforgettable.

Such thoughtful connexities are also called ‘Nexus or Nexi’, which represent an Entiorpy of its own. As it represents the breading Evolution in its elemtary gamma, of a converging material and immaterial bio-organical substrate.
It therefore is and was, as well expected, a product of proof from the Evolutive Jup, that corrisponds to the bearing apport and report of nature, from the standardized organical- and anorganical composition of the average vital values, beeing required for the Evolution itself.

published on Sunday three / 03. May 2020 Mercogliano Avellino from the an small hill-sided Village City Mercogliano in the Province of Avellino from Italy.