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CopyRight and Data Protection EU – and US

Attention – since the sixth May 2018 the protection from Private personal Data of Fisical Persons has entered in force in Europe as well as in the United States of America also counting some parts of Asia. The application of the new EU Law by the Authorities, by Private Societies as well as by Organisations Associations and Institutions ect., is standing for the nominal standardized denomination of Legal acceptance fom the Frame-Set of the EU approven to be enforcing the Protection of Fisical Persons Data by the European Unions Law Directive package n546 and n679 in Europe and the World

Directive n546 – 2018 EU/EC carries legal reference, formerly known as the European Regulation number 95/46/EC from 2016 of the European Union

The Italian Constitution from the State of the Republic from Italy is carring given EU Law package for the Protection of Fisical Persons Data as Directive n546 EC – EU by the article for the protection of Private Correspondency Art.15ssCost and continuous Constitutional Articles – by which steadily up-going we reach the Private and Public Responsability retainen by the Art.27sCost.

The mentioned Constitutional Articles are setting the legal Base for the Protection of Private Correspondency, the right for legal Free Associacion as well as the freedom to its Private and personal Free Excercise, which include the Right to the own Private personal Free Expression, as well as the Right to the own Personal Free Religious Confession and the own Personal Free Political Identity Opinion conjunction or affiliation ect., those legal articulations are taken-up by Art.10ssCost. as well as by the further on-going titles counting under its Normative Frame the Right to private Personal Claims and denouncings introducen by Fisical Persons and carried by Art.13ssCost ect., in voice of the first Art.1ss from the Law of the Private International n218/1995 relying it-self, to the constitutional recognition of legal equal application of the International Law having been subsumen by Art.80Cost. and Art.52ssCost. for the Country and Land from the State of the Republic from Italy, as well as by the first Art.1ss from the Functional Treaty of the European Union from ‘Nice’


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